Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sarah Sarah .shes so -fair....uh?

Its always really cool to see one of my brides featured on the amazing Style Me Pretty blog. Weddings these days are so BEAUTIFUL! I really am starting to want to renew my vows. Especially now that I've been in the business forever and know a TON of talented vendors. Actually, renewing my vows might not be a great idea. How would I chose my photographer? I have a list of amazing photographers I could never choose. I would have to win the lotto, hire them all and just have a gillion wedding pictures. Which, actually is okay, considering I have Zero pictures from my wedding. The ONE job I had my husband do was to order pictures. 6 years later. I'm still waiting. Sure I could do it myself, but its the principal. Oh, and the photographers are no longer in business. Lame.

You know who didn't have any trouble picking their photographer? Sarah. She chose to go with Suzi Q from QWeddings. You definitely can NOT go wrong with Suzi Q! Check out the amazing pictures below.

For Sarahs wedding we did hair and airbrush makeup for her and a few members of her wedding party.

um..check out that flower girls expression.. Priceless!

The end!

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