Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying new things..

(Why yes, I do happen to have a camel picture handy, before you judge- lets discuss what pictures you have randomly on your computer.. perhaps under the "private" folder. )
I like trying new things. I think this makes me adventurous. I may have no desire to jump out of planes, off bridges, or hike the Serengeti. Actually, I don't even know if one would "hike" the Serengeti. If not, please feel free to take creative liberties and just insert some place adventurous to hike.

I do- however, love to try new foods, new recipes, and new shopping locations.. okay that one was lame. But you get the point. I also love to try new products. It's no secret that I have an uncontrollable desire to know everything about everything. Did you know that there are almost no wild camels. There is a small extremely endangered population in China and Mongolia.
Crazy isn't it? Lets not even get me started on the sweet wittle Pandas out there. I really need to get on something for this ADD don't I?

My desire to know everything about everything had led me to agree to sample a makeup product called Mineral Hygenics

Mineral Hygienics is a mineral powder similar to the popular mineral makeup you see on infomercials. It's gluten free, talc free, Bismuth free, and a whole bunch of other great things. I've been using said infomercial makeup for years now but have lately been unhappy with the results. I've also wanted to look into retailing makeup. But couldn't decide on which line to use.
You guys know I wouldn't lie to you about a product, or try to sell you anything I don't fully stand behind. I am not being paid for this review. I just wanted to chat about it.

I got my box of foundation samples as well as a foundation brush in the mail today and was excited to try it on. The person I talked to on the phone said that MH was sweat resistant, great for sensitive skin, non-acnegenic, and water resistant. You had me at sweat resistant. I have been known to wear the "hard core" Camouflage airbrush foundation in the summer because I sweat profusely and my makeup is usually MIA within an hour. Lovely. I put on the MH foundation today before I needed to run a few errands. The foundation itself seems to be a bit finer than what I'm used to. This for me is neither a plus or negative. I found the coverage to be a little lighter than the other brand as well, but I also may not have put on my typical amount. It did however give me good coverage with a natural even skin tone. The feeling of the makeup on my face is a bit.. dryer. But not in the sense that it makes me look or feel dry. It just doesn't have the same texture as the "other brand". I realize I keep comparing the two but I don't have a lot of experience with many other brands.
I can say though, that it has been over 6 hours and I have had a small sweaty episode and my makeup coverage appears to be the same as it was when I first applied. I also tried their mineral enhancer which I believe is in "Cool Kiss". I have to say, I LOVE this color. Its great for either a bronzer or even great for contouring. Its not orangey which is a huge plus.

So far, I actually like this stuff. I'm going to wear it for a week and let you know how it wears, and if I notice any break outs. I have super sensitive skin as well as eczema so I'll know pretty soon if this makeup is legit or not! I'm excited though to give this a-go. So far, so good.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It's always super exciting to work with a photographer directly, and even more nerve wrecking to work with their daughter. You see, Laurens parents own Jmark Photography, so no pressure to make sure they had as little photoshopping as possible! Luckily for me- Lauren's a knock out. So A. She didn't ruin my winning streak of gorgeous brides, and B. Easy A on this one! Lauren also has a dry sense of humor like me, and wanted to have a 50's glam look with a bird cage veil. I'm in love.

Lauren opted for Airbrush makeup for her bridal portraits and loved it so much her mom purchased an airbrush set from me and gave it to her for Christmas. I'm telling you, once you go airbrush- you never go back!

Below are some pictures of Laurens bridal portraits followed by her wedding pictures. I also had the privilege to do Laurens MOH's hair/makeup (dark hair with low bun) as well as her mother in laws hair/makeup, and moms makeup. Thanks Ladies! Y'all were a blast!

Sarah Sarah .shes so -fair....uh?

Its always really cool to see one of my brides featured on the amazing Style Me Pretty blog. Weddings these days are so BEAUTIFUL! I really am starting to want to renew my vows. Especially now that I've been in the business forever and know a TON of talented vendors. Actually, renewing my vows might not be a great idea. How would I chose my photographer? I have a list of amazing photographers I could never choose. I would have to win the lotto, hire them all and just have a gillion wedding pictures. Which, actually is okay, considering I have Zero pictures from my wedding. The ONE job I had my husband do was to order pictures. 6 years later. I'm still waiting. Sure I could do it myself, but its the principal. Oh, and the photographers are no longer in business. Lame.

You know who didn't have any trouble picking their photographer? Sarah. She chose to go with Suzi Q from QWeddings. You definitely can NOT go wrong with Suzi Q! Check out the amazing pictures below.

For Sarahs wedding we did hair and airbrush makeup for her and a few members of her wedding party.

um..check out that flower girls expression.. Priceless!

The end!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lets be frank...

I'll bet your wondering why I'm starting to offer so many services. Is it because I want to milk this cosmetology license as much as possible? No.... To make as much money as possible? Nuh uh.. Is it because I want to dominate the beauty industry? Nope. Okay maybe a little.
So lets be frank.
It's because someone will ask me if I've heard/tried this, or that product and if I haven't, I don't like to be left out. I'm competitive that way. I don't like keeping up with the Joneses (sp?).. I like whooping up on them. I'm the neighborhood bully really. Oh, and if we're being really frank, all of the things I offer I use myself. And I have to pay for my habit. Consider yourselves my dealers. Or I'm the dealer and your my buyers. Or you're just my enablers. Either way. I NEED YOU!

SOO when I had a client tell me about Shellac I was embarrassed that I had no idea what she was talking about. I typically don't know a lot about new nail services out there because when I was in cosmetology school lots of the "little old ladies" assumed (because I'm Asian) that I was going to be doing nails. So I rebelled. I stayed as far away from the nail aspect of cosmetology as possible. It's mandatory that you take a certain amount of "nail" hours and have a certain amount of hands on (hardy har har) experience. So I'm no nail novice- but I'm not an expert either. Actually, the thought of touching someones foot makes me vomit. Seriously. I actually vomited at school once during a pedicure. SOOOO- Long story EVEN longer. Shellac. I'm terrible at explaining things but I'm going to try to explain this as simply as possible. Shellac is a hard-core manicure. Its suppose to last 2-weeks and beyond! This stuff is actually safe and wont damage your nails. There is no buffing or filing of the actual nail. Except to shape if desired. So you layer on the special UV polish, base, color, and top coat and set the polish in between coats under a UV lamp. The end results. Beautifully painted nails that remain chip free, stronger, and just as glossy as the first day, up until the last day. They say it lasts 2+ weeks and you could go longer depending on how fast your nails grow.

I don't like to solicit anything I myself haven't tried. I myself don't get manicures because I have NEVER had my nails painted and not messed them up within seconds of having them done or leaving the salon, and B. they chip either within an hour and DEFINITELY by the next day. I think if anyone is a good model for this stuff, it would be me. So I got all the supplies needed and tried it out myself last night. I was planning on taking step by step pictures, but with two little ones running around, a house filled with 6 shedding animals, and the lack of ability to function with my left hand... last night was just a hot, harry mess. As I was applying the polish, I got hair on several nails.. then I smudged the polish trying to shove my hands into the UV lamp inches away from where I was painting them. And then amongst all the commotion I forgot if I put the top coat on one of my hands. It was late. I *think* I put it on. Anyway- I'm writing this "review" 24+ hours later and have to say. Even after I thought one of my nails looked like it melted when I smudged it, it smoothed out on its own while drying, and they are still shiny and chip free today! I even washed dishes, babies, and myself! I'll post again if I find out it sucks later. But so far, soooo good! I'll have to get one of my friends to sit down and be a model for some action photos!

Here is a good review with pictures about CND Shellac

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hannah's Seniors

I was super excited when I first met Kristi with Kristi Wright Photography for her first Brazilian Blowout. I am drawn to people to have laid back personalities, and a good sense of humor. And that was this little lady. We chatted it up quite a bit and then started talking about wanting to get involved with more senior pictures. (Just and FYI, I had to google the spelling for senior twice now. I keep thinking I'm spelling the Spanish word for sir..annywayy....) So we decided to do a little collaboration and offer ONE senior from each school in Austin a free photo shoot with hair and makeup! Um.. Hello! That's where sweet Hannah comes in.

Hannah contacts- Kristi who then contacted me- where I later met up with both of them at Hannah's amazing house and that's where the fun began!
Kristi and I chatted a bit about the looks she was going for. We wanted to keep her natural and fresh. And earthy. Organic really. I do love some organic! Hannah is soo naturally pretty that it was really easy. She was really easy. The whole day was really easy..really... I'll stop. Just give me a minute.
So if you or anyone you know wants an awesome photographer for any special day be it weddings, engagements, bridals, photo shoots, children, child birth.. (Okay, I don't know how down Kristi would be with photographing the birth of anyone's child.. but I try not to limit her ;) ) just contact Kristi at Kristi Wright Photography.
Oh, and we are still offering the senior sessions so if you know someone.. holla!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Amber waves of...

I got nothin'. I'm not your monkey! I can't always come up with clever and catchy titles.
Okay- I'm a little hyped up on cold medicine life. I'm not making much sense.
So, I met Amber and her sweet mom and dad at her hair trial at my house. The whole lot of them were really relaxing to be around, asking all the right questions, and just truly interested in the "art" of hair doin'.
Come wedding day, I met with Amber at her parents gorgeous house and did hair and makeup for her, her mom, sister, and a couple of bridesmaids. We laughed the ENTIRE time. I can't thank them enough for such a great time!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Monika and I met when she asked me to do her hair and makeup for her engagement pictures. She said she wanted a vintage look. And I do love me some vintage! The only problem. It was like 110 degrees outside and she needed enough time to go home and get dressed, and then meet with the photographer. So longwear lipstick and pinned curls it is! I forgot to mention that Monika is from Poland so she has this beautiful accent, and an even more beautiful heart. The girl loves animals. Which of course means I love her.

Here are a few pictures from her wedding- Could this girl be any more stunning? And such hot bridesmaids!