Friday, April 30, 2010

Making your conditioner work

Let me start off by saying that I am not a chemist. I don't know exactly which ingredients do what. I do know some are good and some are bad, but if you want me to break down the long list of unpronounceable names on the back of your shampoo/conditioner bottle.. well.. I'll probably be making 95% of it up. So on with the show.
How many of you shampoo your hair, then condition and rinse immediately out with warm water? Whose actually raising their hand? You know I can't see you right? But don't you worry.. I know your out there!
Did you know that you can get pretty decent results even from the cheapest conditioners? By results I don't mean hair repair results, I just me cosmetic results. The better the product the better the ingredients. Although keep in mind, sometimes you're just paying for a brand name. I am aware that not everyone has or wants a thermal heat cap. But if you are ready to invest a little bit on your hair, I would definitely recommend getting one. So for those of you without one here's what you can do.
First- Shampoo
Second- remove as much water from your hair as you can. Do NOT twist your hair or pull at it. You can squeeze up and down the hair shafts but be gentle. Your hair is very stretchy when wet and can break easily.
Third- Once hair is not longer super drippy with water apply your conditioner to the ends and try not to focus too much on the actual scalp. Especially if you have an oily scalp and/or fine limp hair.
Here's where you have several options. You can either wait 5-10 min with your hair up and off your shoulders while the conditioner "processes".
Or you can get a towel and wet it with super hot water (or microwave a wet towel but be careful not to burn yourself) and wrap it around your hair for 10 minutes. This is also the time you would apply your heated cap if you had one.
Now here comes the hard part. Rinse first with a little bit of warm water. Just a little.. Pretty much just re-wet your hair a little. Then turn on that cold water and rinse with as cold of water as you can stand. If you're doing this in the shower it helps to tip your head forward so the cold water isn't hitting you in your birthday suit. Assuming your not showering fully clothed. Okay this can get really creepy really fast. I'm going to move on now.
So really though- that's it. Rinsing your hair with cold water is the Big Secret! Whys that you ask? Well- when you wash your hair with warm water it opens up the hair shaft, and so when apply conditioner and rinse again with warm water, your washing the product right out. If you wash with warm, and then apply the conditioner and then rinse with cold water you're closing the product in with the shaft. So to speak.
Give it a try. I promise you'll notice a difference.

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Shana said...

ha! I knew this! I took some cosmetology in high school.