Monday, April 27, 2009

Boring Brides....

Man, there is nothing that makes me lose my hair doin' mojo faster than a boring bride. I had the "pleasure" of working with Mary Amanda a few months ago, and man was it dull, I don't drink caffeine but on this day, I all but shot it up!

Can't you tell?

Okay, so hopefully you've sensed some sarcasms with my first paragraph. Because Mary Amanda, (MAB) was soo much fun to work with. I know I stated so after her bridals, but she really is just an awesome fun, fun, fun person. My little ray of sunshine if you will.
Ross is one lucky guy. But don't think that he's not equally as awesome, he's been a doll since day one.
MAB wanted to have some loose waves with mildly smokey eyes, and just a romantic/sexy look.
Being that she's already gorgeous you can tack this wedding on the "easy money" board!

Photography by: sarah-q

Okay, and the gorgeous background of flowers and hanging votives were done by Wendee and the always amazing Petal Pushers.
I swear, when I get re-married (or have my vows renewed, whichever comes first) I am SO using Petal Pushers!

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