Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whats new?

I'm afraid to tell you something. And this may come as a shock to y'all. I'm a terrible blogger! I know. I'll give you a minute to compose yourselves...... ready?

So I've been asked a lot about airbrush makeup and if it were easy. And then I get a lot of questions about if it can be done themselves. The answer is yes, and YES! Now, I don't want all my fellow makeup artists getting mad at me because I'm saying something we do is easy. Because, what WE do ain't easy! Airbrush makeup can be complicated. Different situations may come up that would involve a lot of knowledge in the subject in order to address the issue correctly. (Wow. That sounded very grown up of me didn't it?) That being said, you can definitely do your own airbrush makeup. Lessons with a knowledgeable professional will definitely start you off on the right path.

After much deliberation I've decided to start offering airbrush makeup lessons that will come with your own airbrush compressor, gun, and foundation.
Just in time for Christmas I'd say! So feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like to sign up for a private or group class!
(This class is not designed for makeup professionals)

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