Monday, September 29, 2008

I solemnly Swear....

... to be a better blogger!
I am no good with technology. So thankfully my sister Wendee of Lucie's Events has agreed to help me out and make my blog blogalicious. So what if I owe her years of free hair services and my second born child. (she can't have my first born, I'm far too attached!) My blog will be pretty and I'll do my best to stick with it!
I know its long past due, and I've had people ask me about my blog so they can leave comments but computer stuff makes me dizzy!
So I plan on posting a few of my past weddings on here; at least from the past month or two, and hopefully stay caught up after that.

Anyway- Whats new you ask?
Well, Teanna and I have been super busy lately that we're in the process of hiring another makeup artist/stylist to help out. It's been a difficult process because I'm so picky of who we hire, and who I can trust to ensure that our clients are well taken care of. I think its also because I have control issues and working with Teanna for so long, she gets me and needs no direction on what to do. I'm certain I'll find someone who will be the right fit.

I feel VERY blessed that LucieMarie has been so successful that I need help and that I've had really nothing but amazing clients spreading the word! I know there are a zillion Bridezilla shows out there, but luckily we've had nothing but the coolest most laid back clients. I always want to hang out with them afterwards!

In conclusion, we've been doing great, and I'm going to do better to keep my poor bloggie up to date!

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